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To Book Or Not To Book Ranveer Is My Question

July 28, 2022

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To Book Or Not To Book Ranveer Is My Question

Ranveer Singh has been booked for hurting the sentiments of women. IPC Section 292 has been filed against him.

But, what’s up with all the uproar?

Surely, we are more accustomed to female nudity than that of men. Over the years, the male gaze has dominated the camera and as a result, women’s bodies are more appreciated for being curvaceous, smooth or slender. Even in literature over the centuries we find women being eulogised for their physical attributes.

Unfortunately, men have not been under the lens. They are free to don the dad bods or fit bods as they like. No one is to question. But why rob them a chance at nudity? Are we saying their bodies aren’t as beautiful as that of a woman?

Interestingly enough, according to the reports, female nudity is more common on screen than that of men. This is even true for Hollywood movies, but at least there are conversations about #FreetheBacon.

Speaking of the West, nudity has been central to European art for centuries. The Human Body has been a part of the study of nature. But why is India so hesitant?

Even an alien, like PK, had eaten the forbidden fruit before landing in India. Male nudity has often attracted criticism. Earlier it was Indian supermodel and actor Milind Sonam and now Ranveer Singh.


Ranveer Singh must’ve gotten emboldened by the offer from the foreign magazine. He thought that it is better to shoot than not shoot whatsoever. Whatever his reasons, does it really need such serious repercussions?

Maybe he could’ve gotten a warning and been left alone. I am sure the warning would make him fall back in line with his curtain fabrics and sofa prints for his next season’s clothing line.

Or maybe this is also a warning to the Khans and the Kapoors to not get carried away and start this trend of full Monty.

Urfi Javed wore only photographs as a dress and none of the modesty mamas felt offended or challenged.

With this booking, nudity will surely come to a halt.

But here is hoping that the complainants don’t venture into Khajuraho or the Kumbh Mela. I can’t imagine what measures would need to be taken to protect their sentiments.

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