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The Literature Lounge

The Literature Lounge stands out as a unique podcast series devoted to authors whose books captivate readers and serve as catalysts for stimulating conversations.

In partnership with Rupa Publications India, one of the leading publishing companies in India, we will host authors from diverse backgrounds to explore their literary works, delve into their creative journeys, and uncover the inspirations behind their achievements.

So, let’s dive into the world of books.

The Mohua Show

The Mohua Show podcast specialises in curating compelling audio content that engages audiences and derives reach and awareness. We have worked with prestigious companies and brands and curated special podcasts to highlight their stories. We have also helped many entrepreneurs, artists, writers, publishing houses and LGBTQ+ activists to share their stories with the world.

Our in-house seamless production process makes creation fast and hassle-free. From ideating, recording and producing to maximising brand reach, we have got it all covered

Dear EX

Welcome to Dear EX, a new podcast series from the creators of The Mohua Show. In this podcast show, we will speak to individuals who’ve had the courage to call it quits in their relationships and marriages when it wasn’t working any longer.

We will discuss the dreaded D word of divorce, which most of us shy away from.

Dear EX will speak to once married, now single folks, people going through heartbreak, counsellors and lawyers to bring you honest, trippy truths of what it took to say no more. We all know to call it quits isn’t easy. To D or not to D isn’t really an easy question to answer.