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Are you a ManScaping Man or no? #Manscaping

August 3, 2022

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Are you a ManScaping Man or no? #Manscaping

I am very fascinated with this new word and a phenomenon called manscaping.

Yes, ladies born in the 70s and 80s may not know this term. Clearly, we are dinosaurs.

So manscaping is about trimming the fuzz growing on a man’s chest, armpits and various other unmentionable body parts.

So when did this vanity begin?

I mean since when were men being equally pressured? The girls don’t want their men to look like fur babies. Dates are rigged in the favour of clean hairless men who show off their waxed chests and trimmed beards.

I do see men visit parlours to get their facials, pedicures, waxing, hair coloured Etcetc done like women. I have sat bench to bench with men getting their hair blow dried and eyebrows threaded. It’s awesome, this inclusion. But I must admit, I like the old idea of men being rugged, chivalrous, well mannered and polite. Also, a hair here and there isn’t really so bad. Is it?

I know we drool over Daniel Craig emerging out of the water with his clean chest, David Gandy looking like we must pour chocolate on his chest and lick it up. But men who are okay with not joining the bandwagon, are far more delicious to my mind.

I am sure it must be comfortable for women when men shave their private parts. You know what I mean. But waxing? The pain women endure to get a Brazilian wax to flaunt the perfect bikini line, now men too can empathise about the same.

In Delhi, I have met nice, polite fathers and uncles drying their underwear sewn by their wives on the terrace. The large underwear were mostly striped or sometimes whitewash white. Always billowing groin to groin with the petticoats and other garments.

I think it is time to step back a bit and think about this latest vanity quotient. I realise there is equally a huge pressure on men as we keep raising the bar for them to look in the way that actors and porn stars do.

Men and women must be able to love each other, hair or no hair. They must put more emphasis on manners, views about the world, values and on being more evolved mentally and intellectually as people.

Hairless or hairy, never made a happy union ever.

Anil Kapoor is still married and so is Jeetendra Kapoor both could wear clips and ribbons on their chests and arms.


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