Mohua is a writer, podcaster, voice over artist and a branding specialist. She has over 15+ years in leadership positions as a Public Relations/Corporate Communications specialist.

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Mohua's Book

Nautanki Saala And Other Stories

I had started thinking of her as a lunatic. Instead, I asked her to not worry about others’ opinion… She smiled at me and asked out of the blue, if my cat speaks to me? When I said no, she seemed angry. I felt sorry that I didn’t. I wished I had one, just for her sake. A former communications and brand consultant, Mohua Chinappa has met women from diverse backgrounds, from a tribal Khasi woman who ran a tea stall to a journalist from the Northeast trying to fit in the big city to an unassuming college girl who could not anticipate the ‘consequence’ of her brutish rebuke to a man. So, in Nautanki Saala and Other Stories, an average bar dancer gives an old fart, the finger he deserves, many protagonists believe they are not enough. As a result, the protagonists in this book do these and more: They deny their feelings They deny their desires They make poor decisions Most of the stories in the author’s debut book are based on the women and men she met in a span of two decades, from the early 80s to the 2000s. While the lives of the people are...

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