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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Free Podcast

January 20, 2023

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Free Podcast

Podcasts are the new black fact, but as with anything good, they come with their difficulties, the pain of coming to the end of a series only to find it was the final one or the struggle of trying to find a new one that scratches the right itch.

How do you Tune In?

If you want to listen to new free podcasts online, you need a suitable device and access to a podcast download or streaming service. Some smartphones are built-in podcast applications that allow you to download episodes or listen online for free. Apple Podcasts is the default podcast software for Mac devices. If you want a podcast, put your name in the search field.

Using a podcast app is the most effective method to discover new podcasts. Google Podcast is one of the most popular podcast programs for Android phones and tablets. You should listen to your favourite podcasts on your computer if you like to listen to the material at home or work. Several excellent computer software solutions provide podcasts for download or streaming. Google Podcasts has an extensive listening collection that will keep you up to speed on all the latest episodes. Podcasts may also be listened to with Alexa, Google Home, or other innovative speaker systems.

Spotify has millions of episodes accessible for you to pick from. You may listen to the most popular free podcasts on the move if you have an active Spotify account. To stay up to current on new podcast releases, click the Follow button. This is also a simple method to save podcasts for later listening.

The first step is to go through your app’s browse or explore pages for intriguing and most popular free podcast material. Step two is to type in a few keywords related to the content you’re interested in. Step three is to subscribe or follow so you’ll be notified when new episodes are released.

With a button, several app services may automatically download or stream a podcast episode. You may listen to material offline if you download a podcast. Most providers demand an internet connection or active membership to stream podcasts. When video content is not publicly available, it is frequently available on video-based sites such as YouTube.

Here’s our ultimate list of the best (and free) podcasts you need to listen to,

  1. The Mohua Show

The Mohua Show is the best free podcast to listen to that curates compelling audio content that engages audiences and derives reach and awareness. She has worked with renowned companies, brands, and influencers to craft special podcasts highlighting their stories.

In its weekly episodes, The Mohua Show helps people to rediscover themselves and stay motivated. If you want to beat your Monday blues or feel motivated any day of the week, just tune in.

  1. The Mythpat Podcast

Mithilesh Patankar, also known as gamer ‘Mythpat,’ founded and hosts the Mythpat podcast. This game has the best free podcasts online cover everything fresh in the gaming business and on the internet.

He entertains and educates listeners with conversations with prominent gamers and influencers in weekly episodes. He also advises on how to be tremendously creative and draws a picture of what it’s like to be an influencer by sharing his experiences.

  1. Maed in India

The Maed in India podcast, India’s first Indie music podcast, features the most excellent Indian independent musicians from around and beyond. Mae Mariam Thomas hosts each episode of Maed in India, which features an artist/band and an exclusive stripped-down session or acoustic interpretation of their original songs.

The weekly broadcast is one of the most incredible places to discover new music and stories. It includes performers and music styles ranging from hip-hop to folk and everything in between.

  1. Respectfully disagree with The Swaddle

The Swaddle, an independent media firm located in Mumbai, hosts a podcast that explores and deconstructs many themes, including health, gender, family, and culture. This weekly podcast, hosted by Srishti Malhotra, covers various topics, and the chats are both informative and entertaining.

  1. The Ranveer Show

The Ranveer Show, one of India’s most famous podcasts, is presented by Ranveer Allahbadia, better known as Beer Biceps and a Youtuber. His podcast covers many themes: lifestyle, health, fitness, job advice, and motivation.

  1. The Tastes of India

Puja Darshan hosts a weekly multilingual podcast (mainly in Hindi) on Indian recipes and food. This podcast travels the length and breadth of India, connecting the diverse culture via delicious food. An excellent podcast for folks just starting in the kitchen since it allows them to cook without having to sit in front of a TV or computer screen to view the recipes.

  1. The Musafir Stories

Musafir Stories, which debuted in 2017, is an Indian travel podcast hosted by Saif Omar and Faiza Khan. They discuss numerous Indian travel places and chat with travellers, allowing them to share their journeys, experiences, travel techniques, hacks, and more.

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