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The Best Entrepreneur Podcast Roundup for 2023

January 16, 2023

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The Best Entrepreneur Podcast Roundup for 2023


Best Entrepreneur Podcast

The Best Entrepreneur Podcast Roundup for 2023, in the digital transformation is like a rocket launch that is taking place. However, podcasts for entrepreneurs are an audio-first platform. It has also fostered a plethora of exciting reading material, including books, articles, and blogs. Those who have yet to hear of it or aren’t aware of how it works are more intrigued and interested in listening to what could help them in their ways without having to take their time away to watch and follow an entrepreneur podcast show. The rest of the folks who have not come at pace are oblivious to the challenges and have yet to acquire the taste of digital transformation fully. 

Besides, irrespective of age, you must keep your calendar up to date with the benefits and strategic art of technological evolution.  

Here you can find a handful of the editor’s choice of The Best Entrepreneur Podcast Roundup for 2023

Best Entrepreneur Podcast TMS

Female entrepreneurship: challenges and tips to succeed. – Tina Garg

The CEO of Pink Lemonade, Tina Garg, has established a culture that encourages the involvement of more and more women in her company. Tina runs a full-service integrated marketing and communications firm with its headquarters in Bangalore, India. 

She founded the company in 2011, and today it is renowned for its accolade-winning work in creative and business communications and digital services. 

Tina is an expert in brand communications and has won multiple accolades throughout her career in the creative sector. Tina has dedicated herself to assisting women in developing and realising their full potential. 

Tina says that there are many ups and downs in life. You might think you’ve got everything figured out one day. Then, unexpectedly, you’ve been dealt a curve ball. It’s not just you who has these feelings. Everybody needs to overcome their own unique set of obstacles. Overcoming the barriers can help you maintain your composure under pressure. 

Listen to Tina Garg speak on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

How women can achieve education on financial independence – Mrin Agarwal

women can achieve education

Mrin Agarwal is a financial educator and registered financial advisor with over 20 years of expertise in the wealth management field. She established Finsafe, a company that provides financial education and emphasises giving Indians the skills they need to manage their money in a way that promotes safety, progress, and goals. 

During her time with Mohua Chinappa spoke about “How women can achieve education on financial independence”. Women often have more financial planning understanding than they imagine. While some financial decisions are best made at specific times, other tactics can be used at any time. Increasing your financial literacy is frequently the most excellent method to create a financial strategy, says Mrin Agarwal. 

Listen to Mrin Agarwal speak on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Let’s be Eloquent” -Apoorva Agarwal

The Gyanaya School in Bareilly is directed by Apoorva, a lawyer, and businessperson. She instructs her followers on English and proper behaviour on her Instagram profile, “Let’s be Eloquent,” which she operates. She firmly believes that experience is the finest teacher, so she has consistently entered into endeavours that have given her a chance to learn and develop. 

Apoorva feels that if you examine your life’s patterns to determine the difficulties you have faced. Make a plan to attain the best results after evaluating them. 

If you have a job and know the difficulties you can encounter, you can prepare ahead of time—students at school experience this same thing. For instance, you can learn and plan calendar management if time management is a problem. 

Apoorva details how living in a small town need not be a barrier to success.

Listen to Apoorva Agarwal speak on Apple Podcasts and Spotify with The Mohua Show. 

Gujarat Riots | How are the wounds of partition showing up that are far away from the epicentre of partition a century later – Revati Laul

Revati Laul is an independent journalist, filmmaker, and author of The Anatomy of Hate, a book on the perpetrators of the Gujarat riots in 2002. She began her career as a reporter for NDTV and has since written for Tehelka, the Hindustan Times, and a monthly piece called “Civil Disobedience for Quint.” 

Her book, The Anatomy of Hate, was released in December 2018 and followed the lives of members of Gujarat’s anti-Muslim mobs in 2002.  

She currently lives and works in the Uttar Pradesh region of Shamli, where she founded the Sarfaroshi Foundation, an anti-discrimination NGO. 

An anti-harassment or anti-discrimination policy should detail the types of behaviour that are discriminatory or harassing and send the message that these issues are taken seriously. The policy should also set out roles and responsibilities. These human rights policies should be linked to existing organisational policies and integrated into the organisation’s daily operations, says Revati Laul in her message.  

Listen to Revati Laul speak on Apple Podcasts and Spotify with The Mohua Show.

I was asked to send my son to play ‘football’ to avoid being gay – Rubi Chakravarty

Rubi is an Indian professional female stand-up comedian. She worked as a full-time mother and wife until she was 40. This was a watershed moment in her life. She decided to pursue a career as an actor and comedian. 

She speaks openly about her profession and her experiences as a mother to her child in her episode with The Mohua’s Show. She has us enthralled and in tears as she frankly recalls instances from the years when her son embraced his queer identity, as well as the pressure parents experience from a culture that remains harsh toward anything that deviates from the acceptable norm. 

Every second of the day, there’s an enormous need to keep him safe, and I find myself strongly connected to mothers everywhere who love their children so much that constant anxiety for them becomes an ordinary part of being a mother, says Rubi Chakravarty. 

Listen to Rubi Chakravarty speak on Apple Podcasts and Spotify with The Mohua Show. 


So there you have it—the editor’s choice of podcasts that will make you a better entrepreneur.

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