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I keep wondering if I ever had a life without my instant messaging via WhatsApp.

October 25, 2022

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I keep wondering if I ever had a life without my instant messaging via WhatsApp.

I must admit that it found its way into my life, after a lot of persuasion from school friends living in different states. They said, “come on it now, you are a dinosaur if you don’t move from SMS to WhatsApp.”

I gave in to the pressure.

Oh boy! This was my homecoming. I realise I am a self-centred lowlife.
As I reflect back, I realise I did not ever say a gratitude prayer or utter the holy words “Om namoh WhatsApp namoh”!

For all that WhatsApp has done for me, I remain an official ingrate. As I now realize now that there can be no life without WhatsApp. Whatsapp has become an integral part of my daily life, for I cannot fathom living without WhatsApp.

This tyrant I can’t live without. Pyaar se, I have named him WhatsAppu. This one has got me all in, without an exit date ever.

I know that I will on my pyre with my precious Sabyasachi bag and WhatsAppu.

My BFF WhatsAppu and I caught texts that were not meant to be read. It popped up on the screen, like an angel on the wings. The truth came tumbling out for me to know where I stood, and it saved my life. All it asked in exchange was for its juices to be replenished and to be recharged.

Nobody knows about WhatsApp’s philanthropic side. It has helped me video-call all my late father’s doctors.

Each time I travelled, I could call Ma and Baba every day on WhatsApp to share with them a slice of my life.

Now I speak to my son every day in London and have seen his new pad, the kitchen’s cleanliness, the bathroom towels, and his girlfriend’s bag (left near the bed) as I zoomed into the photos that he sent via WhatsApp.

Today, my life suddenly came to a halt, like a cardiac arrest, when WhatsApp stopped functioning. I swear! I almost died. I was restless as the connection was not going through and the blue ticks were nowhere to be seen. In my desperation, i searched for life without WhatsApp essay which made me think, how my life would’ve been if not for the WhatsApp

This tyrant has controlled me more than my Labrador’s puppy eyes. I often wonder how on earth I got manipulated into this dog love business and also into WhatsApp, which has steadily become my lifeline.

Among the awesome stuff, I can share videos, news and photos instantly.
During the lockdown, we did WhatsApp video parties with my friends from all across the world. It was lame to drink alone, but I didn’t forget the photo while we posed on the WhatsApp group during the pandemic. Communication has never gotten easier.

Of course, we have the WhatsApp annoying family groups, the school groups that sometimes shock you and some classmates have never grown up since the 1970s. Some also need Botox very b adly and a few need wet wipes to wipe the bullshit off their lips.

Also the sly smaller inner circle groups.

We have all met that one arrogant group member who leaves the group in a huff every time the opinion doesn’t match their wavelength. I stand guilty too.

COVID, I survived my therapy sessions over a WhatsApp video call with my counsellor.

I also owe my clear bowel movements to WhatsApp. This is the laxative of my life. I read and feel the world getting lighter.

So the minute today when WhatsApp was stalled, all I thought was, now what? How can I hear the experts on sustainability via WhatsApp during my car ride?

As it was restored, I sighed in relief at the continued presence of Mr WhatsAppu in my life.

We can discuss WhatsApp etiquette that many lack in the next writing.

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