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Do Women Who Lack the Support From Homes End Up as Victims With the Recent Cases?

November 21, 2022

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Do Women Who Lack the Support From Homes End Up as Victims With the Recent Cases?

With the recent Delhi and MP gruesome murders, many are debating that the girls murdered, didn’t have a good support system.

The truth is that thousands of women who seemingly look like they have a support system. Most don’t. It’s just that they don’t speak up about it, in the fear of the stigma attached to exposing a bad parental relationship, husband’s reputation over her own feelings and many times the social circle, who won’t hesitate to point the fingers always at her.

They invariably seek support from the partner who can smell the neediness in them and then the power play begins.

Power play is in every relationship just in varying degrees. One is always more stronger than the other in different aspects. Some are in the outer appearance or monetary power. Some in the emotional intelligence and strength. Some have a bigger support structure, a better bond with the child, the canvas is huge. So whoever is stronger in whichever sphere that becomes the weak point, the other party plays that card like a chess game. But in majority cases monetary power is the main game changer in all relationships.

Marriage as we can see is slowly becoming outdated. Going forward we may find many more instances like these murdered women who will tread the non conventional path, while the world they come from will ask them to conform.

The solution to this lopsided new urban growth seems dim. There is more money, but they lack the extended family support, neighbours who don’t check on one another.

In the earlier days, the nosey neighbour would always want information and the nice ones would bring some food to break the ice. All this is over. We have tall buildings without any soul residing in them. No one cares any longer.

We may soon have a humongous issue going forward in our hands. A  pandemic of loneliness, suicides and grisly murders like these.

Here is hoping that people don’t give Aftab Poonawala a religious colour, making him the poster boy of why girls must not trust a Muslim boy, because Abhijit Pandikar too took to social media after slitting the girls throat on grounds of infidelity.

Both these men have a sick mind, misplaced sense of entitlement and evidently it’s not about religion AT ALL.

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