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Episode #01

Tales of Tradition, Crime, Emotion & Durga Puja in Prasun Roy's Literary World

Prasun Roy
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About this Podcast:

Venture into the vibrant heart of Kolkata’s Durga Puja festival with Prasun Roy, whose pen has birthed the crime thriller “Devi,” a novel that stitches together the city’s fervor with a narrative pulsating with human emotion. Prasun’s literary canvas is vivid and vast, painting tales from horror to biographies, a testament to his philosophy of chasing stories that ignite excitement.

Amidst the clash of good versus evil in “Devi,” we navigate the intricate labyrinth of power and societal critique. Prasun masterfully crafts Devi’s persona as an emblem of modern womanhood and the formidable power of the goddess Durga, challenging tradition and myth. Through the intertwining of a fugitive’s pursuit and a series of chilling murders, we’re transported into a realm where the might of the everyday is pitted against the elite.

00:00 – Introduction
03:11 – Mystery of Devi, a tapestry of crime, love, and exploring cultural heritage
05:45 – Weaving crime into festivity and the extradition plot in Devi
09:07 – Uniqueness of Devi, in the world of OTTs and crime thrillers, exploring the concept of universal love
12:00 – A non-psychological, non-violent event in the heart of Kolkata
13:45 – Unveiling the Complexities of Power and Struggle
17:17 – Devi symbolizes modern woman and mythical strength
19:08 – Excerpts from the book
23:11 – Advice to young writers

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