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Episode #12

Kiran Manral on Storytelling, Feminism, & Sisterhood

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About this Podcast:

In this captivating episode, renowned author and feminist Kiran Manral shares her multifaceted writing career, from her early days as a blogger to becoming one of India’s distinguished literary voices. Kiran delves into her experiences in advertising and journalism, which have enriched her storytelling across various genres. She also provides an exclusive peek into her latest book, “Rising 2.0: 20 More Women Who Changed India,” emphasizing the importance of preserving women’s legacies. The conversation explores the necessity of women celebrating their professional milestones, building a supportive sisterhood, and the joys and challenges of genre diversity in writing. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone passionate about literature, feminism, and professional growth.

00:00 – Introduction
01:01 – Journey from Blogger to Renowned Author
02:33 – Navigating Genre Versatility in Writing
04:47 – Discussing the Inspiration and Selection Process Behind “Rising 2.0”
08:04 – Memorable Interviews and Inspirational Moments
11:29 – Tackling the Glass Ceiling and Building a Sisterhood
13:27 – Common traits among these 20 women 
14:22 – Inspirational Stories and Personal Reflections
16:23 – Key Takeaways from Inspirational Women
17:42 – Conversations on Equality and Empowerment
18:58 – Closing Remarks

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