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Episode #05

Jairam N Menon's Blend of Humor and Insight

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About this Podcast:

In this episode, we were joined by Jairam N Menon, author of “Masala Chai for the Soul.” Transitioning from corporate communications to writing, Jairam uses humor and wisdom to craft entertaining stories that also provide advice. 

We explored Jairam’s journey from a corporate communicator to an author, Indian humor, and the healing power of laughter. Jairam discussed his academic journey, his father’s influence on his love for reading, and how support from friends led to his book. 

We also touched upon the influences on his writing style, and his technique for incorporating humor into serious topics. Jairam stressed the importance of humor in dealing with life’s difficulties and how his book can be a tool for resilience and happiness.

00:00 – Introduction
01:42 – Discovering the Writer Within
05:03 – The Book, Masala Chai for the Soul
08:44 – Humor & Life
10:40 – Evolution of the Artistic Suit
13:26 – Crack Jokes to Power
16:04 – Key take-aways from the Book
18:03 – Influential Writers and Humor Inspiration
21:53 – Advice to Young Authors

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