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Episode #06:

Dive deep into 'Pranab My Father' with Sharmishtha Mukherjee

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About this Podcast:

In this episode our guest Sharmishtha Mukherjee shares insights into her book “Pranab my Father,” detailing her emotional journey of uncovering her father’s intimate diaries after his passing.Overcoming the challenges of delving into personal accounts, Sharmishtha found healing in discovering a profound part of her father’s inner world, allowing her to cherish his legacy.

Indira Gandhi’s mentorship strongly influenced Pranab Mukherjee’s political career, shaping his skills in politics, diplomacy, and leadership. Sharmishtha’s political views are deeply influenced by her father’s core Congress ideology, with her upbringing emphasizing humility, inclusivity, and unity in diversity. The most valuable advice Sharmishtha received from her father was about the importance of letting go of negative emotions.

Through her father’s impactful quotes on democracy and accountability, Sharmishtha emphasizes the essence of political responsibility. The episode encapsulates the profound bond between father and daughter, touching on themes of healing, personal growth, and the enduring influence of familial connections.

00:00 – Introduction
02:40 – Challenges Faced in Writing the Book
05:35 – Overcoming Emotional Challenges and Healing Process 
08:54 – Empowering Parenting Approach: Nurturing Autonomy
11:11 – Three Women who Influenced Pranab Mukherjee’s Life
15:42 – Mentorship Impact: Indira Gandhi’s Political Guidance
18:47 – Formative Years of Pranab Mukherjee
20:45 – Pranab Mukherjee’s Parliamentarian Journey
24:04 – Golden Era of Pranab Mukherjee in Politics
25:22 – Pranab Mukherjee, a Man of All Seasons
26:42 – A Special Bond between Pranab Mukherjee & Narendra Modi
29:48 – Living Inside Rashtrapati Bhavan
32:45 – Closing remarks

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