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Episode #13

Addressing Urban Depression and Loneliness with Dr. Pallavi Joshi

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About this Podcast:

In this enlightening episode, we sit down with Dr. Pallavi Joshi, a trailblazing neuropsychiatrist, to explore her remarkable transition from gynecology to psychiatry, spurred by a personal crisis and a mentor’s pivotal question. Dr. Joshi passionately discusses her mission to combat mental health stigma in India and introduces us to her innovative approach to positive psychiatry, aimed at fostering resilience and mental wellness. Through riveting stories from her MD residency in Mumbai, including the transformative case of a former terrorist, she debunks common myths about depression and antidepressants.

We delve into pressing issues like childhood depression, the impact of early exposure to pornography, and the emotional toll of infertility, offering parents and individuals practical advice. Dr. Joshi also addresses corporate mental health challenges and social media addiction, providing actionable tips for stress management and fostering support networks. Additionally, her impactful book “Fast but Lost” is highlighted, shedding light on urban depression and loneliness. This episode is a treasure trove of insights and inspiring stories, offering listeners a fresh perspective on mental health care and the courage to seek help.

00:00 – Introduction
00:56 – Dr. Pallavi Joshi’s Transition to Psychiatry
05:37 – Understanding Urban Depression and the Motivation Behind “Fast but Lost”
08:15 – Addressing Work-Life Balance Challenges & Managing Stress
17:10 – Overcoming Myths and Stigma of Depression
20:03 – Recognizing Childhood Mental Health Challenges
26:29 – Understanding Schizophrenia in Children and Adults
29:53 – Corporate Mental Health Challenges and Solutions
32:54 – Managing Social Media Addiction
38:39 – Advice to People Struggling with Mental Health Issues

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