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Episode #03

A Tribute to the Legacy of Irrfan Khan with Aseem Chhabra

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About this Podcast:

Join celebrated film journalist and author Aseem Chhabra as he shares his journey from political reporting to Indian cinema expertise, and pays tribute to the legendary actor Irrfan Khan. Dive into the depths of Khan’s career, from his humble beginnings to his Hollywood acclaim, and discover the rich tapestry of Indian film through Chhabra’s eyes.

This episode also explores Aseem’s personal connection to Irrfan’s work and offers a closer look at Chhabra’s book “Irrfan Khan: The Man, The Dreamer, The Star,” providing an intimate look at one of cinema’s most versatile actors. Don’t miss this insightful homage to the late great artist, Irrfan Khan.

00:00 – Introduction
05:05 – Discovering Irrfan Khan’s Talent 
12:40 – Early Life and Influences of Irrfan Khan & Entry into NSD
18:19 – Unconventional Roles by Irrfan Khan
21:31 – In-depth Analysis of Irrfan Khan’s Acting Craft
24:24 – Irrfan Khan’s Success in Bollywood and Hollywood
32:14 – Irrfan Khan’s Heartbreak and Role Change in Salaam Bombay
36:24 – Meera Nair’s Promise and Future Collaborations with Irrfan Khan
39:04 – The Making of Namesake
43:53 – In-Depth Analysis of Irrfan Khan’s Performance in “Life of Pi”
48:12 – Ang Lee’s Direction and Irrfan Khan’s Talent in “Life of Pi”

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