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Episode #72

Renuka Kirpalani

You know things are changing when ads show women driving I Renuka Kirpalani I Executive Editor (Video content) at Autocar India

About this Podcast:

When her maternal grandmother was upset that the radio stopped working, little Renuka felt she had to do something about it! She broke it open and that became the first gadget she repaired. Since then, she has not just repaired other gadgets, but also built her race cars and  undertaken epic road journeys across borders driving in the Saarc rally, Asean Rally and trips from Germany to India overland!

Renuka Kirpalani is the Executive Editor Video content at Autocar India which has one of the most viewed television shows and a YouTube channel with almost 2 million followers. She has over 18 years of experience in the automotive journalism world but her love affair with cars is much longer.

In this episode, she talks to the host, Mohua about:

·       Amplifying facts that prove women drive much more cautiously than men

·       The first race she won despite extreme self-doubt

·       Buying her race prepped Fiat from her dad

·       How women journalists in motoring are saying the same thing men are, ‘That we love talking about better cars, not cars meant for women!’

·       More!

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