Episode #97

Tatiana Seryán

You have to hide in a closet to sing in Afghanistan? Activist Tatiana Seryán on wars | oppression | survival and more.

About this Podcast:

This week on The Mohua Show we have Tatiana Seryán.

Tatiana is a system change organizer in the NYC area, currently working with Extinction Rebellion in the United Kingdom. She is also spearheading an initiative called Global Rebellion, whose goal is to construct an archive of best practices for systemic change and a linked collaboration space for activists, organizations, and individuals who are inspired to create change.

Tatiana fiercely believes in the nobility of all life, be it human or otherwise. In today’s episode, she delves into the stories of resistance and survival in face of oppression and how an innocent act of singing could endanger someone’s life.

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