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Episode #17

Siddarth Abraham

Women are more experimental when it comes to fitness styles | Siddarth Abraham | Hyper Monkey Fitness, Personal Trainer, Kickboxing Trainer

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Siddarth Abraham, A Hyper Monkey of a personality, Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Kickboxing trainer, and a strong believer of a holistic approach to fitness and all things love and life. He believes that being fit should enable you to do what you’d like to do it when you like to do it without having to have an excuse as to why you are not doing it! He has been training people for 13 years now, ran a successful (first of its kind) group class only fitness center called Hyper Monkey Fitness for 6 years, and now continues to train people making fitness fun and approachable and teaching his students that it’s all about balance and consistency.

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