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Episode #38

Immaculate Antony

When we play games to break social awkwardness | Immaculate Antony | Founder - Ima reCreation

About this Podcast:

Immaculate Antony is a visionary, a social entrepreneur who kickstarted an initiative to create fun toys and board games for children.

There are over 100+ games available, recreated by local artisans in an environmentally friendly way, using non-toxic colours, wooden and cloth boards. In order to sustain the cycle of engaging artisans and their craft.

She is passionately researching towards reviving the traditional Indian games. It is like a treasure that must be passed on to the next generation.

Her journey is an example of how a little bit of effort can take centuries of cultural expression to be the pedestal of societal values and virtues. Her love for her work is indefatigable.


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