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Episode #52

Souvik Saha

When school is not your happy place | Souvik Saha | Founder of People for Change

About this Podcast:

This week on the MoodyMo Awaaz Podcast we have Souvik Saha.

Souvik Saha is the founder and executive director of People for Change, a non profit that works to create a world where every child and youth is empowered to take decisions that help them reach their highest potential and help in building just sustainable communities.
He is a development professional with over 11 years experience in working to creates safe, non judgmental spaces for children and youth through life skills. Souvik is particularly interested in instructional design and has created life skill curriculums for schools,colleges and other NGOs. He is a Changeloom, Lead India and Acumen fellow and has been working with young people across the subcontinent. He is also the board member of Communitiny the Youth collected and the convener of the Jharkhand Collective ,which is a group of NGOs in Jharkhand that engage with youth. He is interested in iconography,history and mythology and likes to cook for his friends in his free time.

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