Episode #14

Sanjay Kumar

When a man tells his parents their son isn't attracted towards women, they think impotency! | Sanjay Kumar | Pioneering Psychotherapist for the LBGTQ Community

About this Podcast:

Sanjay Kumar set up and ran London’s first ever counseling service for South Asian Gay and Bi-sexual men through the Naz Project London and has been conducting therapeutic groups through PACE for the past five years, offering support to gay and bisexual men from various ethnic backgrounds. He’s an Integrative Psychotherapist with his own private practice at The Health and Wellness Centre of The Royal London Hospital (@nhsbartshealth) in East London, he trained at Regent’s College London.

His MASTI initiative is particularly aimed at men from South Asian ethnicity and men living with HIV. He has been working as a counselor for the corporate world with Employee Assistance Programmes such as Ceridian UK Ltd and the Retail Trust for the past 8 years.

Tune in to today’s episode of the MoodyMo Awaaz for insight into the lives and struggles of gay and bisexual men, from the unique perspective of a counselor who has seen it all and cares deeply for the people he works with.


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