Episode #67

Eshan Sharma

When a History student bridges gaps left by WhatsApp University | Eshan Sharma | Founder, Karwaan Heritage

About this Podcast:

This week on the MoodyMo Awaaz Podcast, Mohua Chinappa talks to Eshan Sharma about  growing up in Kanpur, how his grandfather read stories to him, how we think we ‘know’ our history, boring history lectures in classrooms and, also how Islamic architecture is actually a misnomer!

About the guest
Eshan Sharma strongly believes that History cannot be studied or taught in closed classrooms. Eshan is also the founder of Karwaan,  an independent student-led initiative,  started along with his friends at Delhi University, which aims to revive the love for India’s heritage and history via walks and lectures with historians.

Karwaan has successfully hosted historians like Romila Thapar, Prof. Andre Wink, Rana Safvi and others. More than 30,000 people are now associated with Karwaan.

Instagram: @_eshan.sharma_  @karwaanheritage

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