Episode #28

Nathan & Lynn

'We have never advertised about our small cafe' | Nathan & Lynn | Founders - Hole in the Wall

About this Podcast:

Nathan & Lynn are an extremely successful restaurateur couple based in Bangalore.

They are both dreamers who have turned their dream into a reality with their very cute and warm  breakfast/brunch joint called Hole in the Wall in Bangalore.

Nathan is focused on the business side and Lynn loves to stir the pot, she takes care of the sauces and the menu.

What sets them apart is the twinkle in their eyes, the dream, the commitment, consistency and the passion they share towards their work.

If you are in Bangalore and you have not eaten breakfast in Hole in The Wall you have not eaten your breakfast yet.

Join us on this weeks episode of MoodyMo Awaaz Podcast to listen to Nathan & Lynn’s story.

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Guests Instagram: @theholeinthewallcafe

Guests Website: www.theholeinthewallcafe.org


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