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Episode #30


This is not just a rape survivor story | Heena | Queen of Courage

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Heena escaped her foster home, after her parents death. She was taken into her own uncle’s home to live with, who regularly raped her and treated her very badly. Unable to bear anymore, she escaped from his clutches and ran into the unknown.

After running miles. She was found in a small village in Jaipur, hiding in a temple for nearly a week. Finally the village Pradhan sent her to to the local Anganwadi. There she narrated her harrowing incident and an NGO came to her rescue.

Chhavi Goyal who runs the NGO adopted Heena and today she has healed and is working as a cook in a restaurant in Delhi.

Heena was keen to share her story. She contacted us to share her tale of resilience of being a rape survivor and a hero for many women who struggle to even think of a second chance in life.

Identity has been changed keeping in mind the guests request for privacy.

Join us on this weeks episode of MoodyMo Awaaz Podcast to listen to Heena’s story.

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