Episode #32

Astha Sharma

This can happen when two teens in a relationship want to be counseled | Astha Sharma | Psychotherapist & Founder - Sva Mental Health

About this Podcast:

Astha draws on various psychological theories and concepts towards her practice. Her areas of specialty span across, Relationship & Family Therapy, Chemical De-Addiction & Rehabilitation Counselling, and Organisation / Workplace Psychology.

We connected with Astha as she also identifies with the LGBTQIA+ Community, as well as Persons With Disabilities, and actively works towards providing them a safe and accessible place to voice their mental health concerns. She also works as a psychotherapist that helps survivors of human trafficking & bonded/child labour, as well as their caregivers in the process of rehabilitation.

In this episode, she talks about poor parenting, toxic masculinity and also an incident where she was counselling teenagers who had been in a relationship but was asked to quit by the school! ‘How dare she help them understand their emotions!’

She holds a certification in Clinical Psychology from NIMHANS and also specialises in a certification on COVID-19 and Mental Health Care.

Sva offers therapy starting only at ₹99, through online mediums like email, chat, and phone, as well as offline in their office at Bangalore. These services can be availed by individuals, couples, or families in Hindi and in English languages.

Astha’s Instagram: @therapist.next.door @svamentalhealth

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