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Episode #26


TB DINESH | Founder - Iruway Crafterspace

About this Podcast:

TB Dinesh is a scientist who gave up his career and life in the USA to return to his hometown in Karnataka.

He was nostalgic about the mountain he used to sit on as a young boy to watch the sunsets & sunrise, he yearned to return to the path where goats trudge sheepishly at their own pace munching on leaves and the grass that grows around this sleepy town called Tumkur.

Here he started Iruway a brand that specialises in products made from the grass that grows abundantly here. This is the Bulrush locally called Jondu in Kannada.

He has started a crafter space where he has empowered the locals to create craft work and products with the grass of Tumkur.

Iruway has several active projects, which include the crafter space, a natural farming initiative, a natural building project, a hacker’s space, and a community radio.

Dinesh lives in a home that has no lock and anyone who needs shelter is welcome inside.

Join us on this weeks episode of MoodyMo Awaaz Podcast to listen to Dinesh’s story.

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