Episode #163

Meherunisa's Triumph

From Doubt to Power: Meherunisa's Triumph as a first Female Bouncer

About this Podcast:

In today’s episode, we delve into the world of corporate excellence and women empowerment with the remarkable Tabish Czar. With a stellar portfolio of three successful companies under her guidance, Tabish shares her insights on effective time management in a male-dominated industry, innovative strategies driving the meteoric rise of Gravity Integrates Private Limited, and her initiatives for empowering women in Acadex Transcripts Solutions Private Limited and Worldwide Transcripts Private Limited. Discover the grit and determination it takes to overcome corporate challenges and how Tabish’s experiences inspire women in business. She also offers advice for aspiring female leaders, discusses the future of women in corporate leadership, and her vision for fostering innovation and gender diversity. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation with a true corporate catalyst.

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