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Episode #184

Sustainable Futures: Revolutionizing Food with Keerti Priya of koh! Foods

About this Podcast:

Join us on a transformative journey with Keerti Priya – Odapalli, the visionary behind koh! Foods, as we delve into the heart of sustainable agriculture and ethical food processing. In this eye-opening episode, Keerti shares her personal narrative of creating a revolutionary brand dedicated to purity and empowerment.

Discover how koh! Foods is combating agricultural waste and uplifting rural communities by partnering with marginalized farmers, particularly resilient women like Kavita, a single mother whose life has been changed through collaboration with koh! Foods.

Learn about the innovative practices that ensure Koh! Foods products, like their versatile tomato powder, retain their nutrient-rich goodness while offering convenience to health-conscious consumers. Keerti’s passion for clean, chemical-free food production is palpable as she details the challenges and triumphs of being a first-generation entrepreneur in a space ripe for change. This episode isn’t just a story of a company; it’s a blueprint for a sustainable future in the food industry.

Tune in to be inspired and to understand how making conscious food choices can have a profound impact on both our health and the planet.

00:00 – Introduction
01:45 – Inspiration behind koh! Foods
03:48 – Transparent Food Processing For Consumers
06:46 – Understanding & Addressing Challenges Faced by Marginal Farmers
12:50 –  Empowering Rural Women Through Clean Food
15:00 – First Generation Entrepreneurs Overcoming Challenges
17:13 – koh! Foods’ Dehydration Process & Safety Measures
23:07 – Brand Expansion Plan

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