Episode #178

Striking Chords of Harmony & Hope with Neecia Majolly

About this Podcast:

Join the conversation with the incredibly versatile Neecia Majolly, a virtuoso in the Western classical music sphere who is making waves with her dynamic career and philanthropic endeavors. In our special episode, we celebrate Neecia’s trailblazing success, including her historic win at the International Music and Entertainment Awards Association, which not only shines a spotlight on her talent but also paves the way for aspiring female musicians worldwide. With her disciplined approach, she juggles a myriad of roles—from teaching to composing—while also championing social causes through her music and the Majolly Music Trust.

01:56 – Versatile Music Maven: Neecia Majolly’s Journey
08:00 – Musicians Advocating Environmental Conservation Through Music
11:40 – Innovation vs. Authenticity in Music Creation
15:00 – Challenges in Western Classical Music Recognition
16:23 – Limited Opportunities for Classical Music Education in India
18:40 – Majolly Trust Initiatives
21:00 – Supporting Elderly Musicians in India
25:52 – Music as a Tool for Unity
32:18 – Neecia’s World Piano Day Performance, a beautiful piece of Fanny Hensel

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