Episode #137

Manish Saksena

Preserving Elegance : Aadyam Handwoven And The Timeless Beauty Of The Indian Sari Tradition

About this Podcast:

This week  on The Mohua Show we have Manish Saksena.

A passionate advocate for preserving the tradition of the Sari. From his childhood memories of watching his mother starching her cotton saris to becoming the lead advisor for Aadyam Handwoven.

Manish has dedicated his life to the beauty and elegance of this iconic Indian garment. In this episode, he shares his journey, his work with Aadyam Handwoven, and how the preservation of the Sari tradition positively impacts artisans and their communities.

Join us as we explore the empowering nature of the Sari, its role in sustainable fashion, and the unique qualities that make it timeless and versatile.

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