Episode #187

Overcoming Colorism and Embracing Authenticity with Mia Lakra

About this Podcast:

In this inspiring podcast episode, Delhi-based actor, model, and entrepreneur Mia Lakra, known from MTV Splitsvilla seasons 8 and 9, shares her powerful journey towards self-acceptance, battling societal beauty standards and colorism. She reflects on her childhood experiences and the subtle biases she faced, and how these continued into her time on television.

Mia candidly discusses the challenges of public perception, the trolling she has endured, and the misconceptions about her lifestyle. Additionally, she delves into her daily routine, balancing her career with personal interests, and provides valuable insights for those aspiring to reality TV stardom. Join us as Mia offers an authentic conversation on overcoming bias and embracing authenticity in a world that often judges by appearance.

00:00 – Introduction
02:15 – Mia Lakra’s Life-Changing Journey on MTV Splitsvilla
03:36 – Challenges Faced by Dark-Skinned Individuals
06:29 – Mia Lakra’s Journey towards Self-Acceptance and Resilience
10:15 – Inside the Audition Process of MTV Splitsvilla
13:27 – Mia Lakra on Dealing with Social Media Trolls, Misconceptions and Staying Grounded
18:11 – Misconceptions About Celebrity Lifestyles
20:04 – Guidelines and Advice for Beauty Pageant Aspirants
23:46 – Closing Remarks
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