Episode #87

Bidisha Samantaray, Sowmya and Sapna Singhania

Our Tribe brings Blossom 2022 | to Bangalore with the Pondicherry aesthetic in its absolute abundance

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This week on The Mohua Show, we have Blossom 2022.

Our Tribe presents Blossom 2022, which is hosting designers and artists from Bangalore and Pondicherry on the 8th and 9th of July at the Bangalore International Center. The designers bring with them modern aesthetic and design sensibilities coupled with their commitment to change the fashion landscape by adopting sustainabile practices.

In today’s episode, we have three of the incredible designers, Bidisha Samantaray, Sowmya and Sapna Singhania.

Bidisha Samantaray, the founder of Lal Design Studio, believes in conducting sustainable business and works with Indian artisans to innovate, experiment and explore ways to utilise age-old techniques in formulating modern aesthetics.

Sowmya, with her love for sustainable fashion and craftsmanship, founded Hibiscus Heroes in 2020. She seeks inspiration from Mother Earth and her brand, as she says, has Nature as a stakeholder.

The beautiful connoisseur and designer Sapna Singhania has her own line of jewellery. Sapna, through her jewellery designs, breaks away from the traditional and brings in original, innovative and refreshing statement pieces, which define new trends.

In our conversation today we delve into the finer details of an artist’s mood, inspiration and the source of their art.

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