Episode #3

Seema Harsha

On Wealth Creation for Women and Families I Seema Harsha, COO of Indiassetz

About this Podcast:

Seema Harsha is the COO of Indiassetz, a real estate wealth management firm which began operations 6 years ago in Bangalore and today they have offices in all major cities in India. They have also started international operations in Dubai and Singapore.

One of the things that drives Seema is a desire to help women become richer. An important subset of that involves reaching out to working and stay-at-home women who are not aware of the properties that their husbands may have invested in their name, and not privy to inheritance and the financial decisions taken on their behalf. Her goal is to change this narrative and urge women to truly own what they own.

She’s one of the most inspiring women I know, and I’m so happy to have her as a guest on my podcast.

You can find Seema on Instagram.


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