Episode #6

Manish Saksena

On preserving the sari | Manish Saksena | Veteran Fashion Designer

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When you meet a man who wishes to preserve the tradition of the Sari it’s like a breath of fresh air. Manish Saksena doesn’t just love the sari but has made it his profession. He narrates to us how the simple act of watching the process of his mother starching her cotton saris in the dry heat of Delhi, made him fall in love with the garment forever.

Manish is the lead advisor for Aadyam Handwoven, the corporate social initiative of the Aditya Birla Group towards a self-sustaining ecosystem for three crafts clusters of Bhuj, Varanasi, and Pochampally.

He has also worked with Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Arrow and was the Ex Co-Founder of LimeRoad. He says, “A woman in a sari, in a room full of people wearing western clothing, always manages to look more beautiful, sexy and alluring than the others”.

In this episode, Manish talks to us about his journey, his dedication to helping indian artisans, and his life’s work: preserving the Indian Sari tradition.


You can find Manish on Instagram here: @manish.saksena

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