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Episode #71

Archana Jain Gupta

On making an Excel sheet for daily expenditure in your 40s! | Archana Jain Gupta | Senior Advisor & consultant @ Purple Audacity

About this Podcast:

This week on The Mohua Show we have Archana Jain Gupta.

Archana is a Senior Advisor & consultant at Purple Audacity, an insights and strategy consultancy. She is a career market research professional (over 20 years), a mom (for 27) ,a fitness enthusiast, a traveller and a reader. Archana is trying to reconnect with her inner writer as she believes we all have a story, waiting to be told.

She is a strong advocate of women’s financial independence, whatever the circumstances. In this episode, the host and Archana talk about these and more:

  • About the importance of educating yourself
  • Taking charge despite self-doubt
  • Balancing moderate to high risk investments
  • Making a checklist
  • Using an Excel sheet for long term plans as well as daily expenditure
  • Knowing your family assets, especially before you marry

Instagram: @archana_jg

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