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Episode #41

Jovita Mascarenhas

On lockdown businesses & first drink with parents! | Jovita Mascarenhas | Co-Founder of Bartisans

About this Podcast:

Jovita Mascarenhas, Co-Founder of Bartisans

The Bartisans’ story began with a few “what ifs” during the COVID-19 lockdown in India.
Founded by the mother-son duo of Jovita & Jordan Mascarenhas, Bartisans is a cocktail experience service. Their mixers are hand-crafted in small batches by their all-women staff who are trained and skilled to create artisanal mixers in the most hygienic and safe conditions ensuring the highest quality and standards.

Jovita is the driving force at Bartisans. Despite a Diploma in Hotel Management, she drifted into the fields of design and product manufacture. Now, back in the field of food & beverage, she feels she is home!!!


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