Episode #54

Neha Vora

On investing as a woman, taking a sabbatical & more | Neha Vora | Book Lover, Mother and Woman of Substance

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This week on the MoodyMo Awaaz Podcast we have Neha Vora (@nehusinstalife).

Neha is a Finance Professional with 25 + years of experience in Taxation and Investments. She took a sabbatical from work for 8 years to take care of her 2 amazing boys and now they are her best friends.

She started with meeting a few friends who were book lovers and she has the experience of managing the community of book lovers on facebook which has over 5000 plus members. Now she is running her own Book club along with 2 other avid book lovers and the club caters to readers from all over the world. From reading together to discussing and arguing about books she likes to share her love for books with all.
She is a  foodie by heart, She loves Running for Marathons, Brunches in Cafes, Travelling, Loves discussing on Life subjects like Karma, Motivation and Meditation.

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