Episode #25

Alex (Maya)

On educating your mother about being queer and a drag queen! | Alex (Maya) | Drag Queen

About this Podcast:

Maya the Drag Queen is a story of Alex who has stood against the norm of society to follow his passion.

Maya’s journey has been one of courage of expression and tremendous self will. Alex aka Maya is deeply connected to the inner higher feminine divine energy in her soul and from that sacred space emerges this art form.
“Drag as an art form is about shape shifting.”

As Maya says “I can be anyone I chose to be.”

Maya started using this art form in Sept 2014 to extend the love to perform on stage. It has been a glorious 6.5 years of being one of the pioneers of the Indian Drag Scene”

Join us on this weeks episode of MoodyMo Awaaz Podcast to listen to Alex’s story.

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