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Episode #94

Anupam Gupta

On Crypto | Stock market | investment and more

About this Podcast:

This week on The Mohua Show we have Anupam Gupta.

Anupam Gupta is a chartered accountant, author and a podcaster. He has worked for two decades as an investment research analyst and as a thematic research consultant in institutional equities with leading brokerages. Since 2017, Anupam has been hosting an award-winning personal finance podcast called Paisa Vaisa.

His new book, The Wisest Owl – Be Your Own Financial Planner uses the wisdom and experience of India’s top personal finance professionals to offer a framework to readers such as young investors and homemakers that they can use to create wealth in the long run.

In today’s episode, Anupam delves into confusing concepts such as Crypto and the stock market.

Should one invest in these or stick to tangible assets such as real estate and gold?

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