Episode #2

Kapila Chandran

On Choosing Motherhood in your 40s I Kapila Chandran, AVP, Marketing, VR

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Today’s guest is Kapila Chandran, Associate Vice President of Marketing at the pan-India Urban Development company, Virtuous Retail (VR). Apart from being at the top of her game no matter what she does, Kapila broke the norm and decided to have a baby after her divorce. 

How many of us women worry in our 20s about our impending “deadline” to start a family? How many times have we heard that this is the “best time” to be a “good parent”? 

But how will we ever know what is right for us and our children, and what we are capable of, without brave women trying their best to expand our understanding of femininity, biology and childbirth? Men can’t lead that charge, only women can.  

Kapila is a gorgeous, single, self-assured woman at age 42 when most struggle with fertility issues and changes to the way their body works. She claims that the 40’s is the right age to become a wise, patient parent and that at this age motherhood is an all-encompassing glow. We think you should hear her story. 

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