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Episode #10

Sal Yusuf

On being a peaceful person & having a fascination with Ted Bundy | Sal Yusuf | Actor, Stand-up Comedian, Director

About this Podcast:

Today’s episode is with Sal Yusuf, a much-loved actor in the South Indian film Industry.

Sal was born to Cypriot immigrants in London. Gazing down upon the palatially Indian-inspired Brighton Pavilion, from a Polytechnic window, instilled awe. Little did he know then that this inspiration was to become a vision of his own personal Cinema Paradiso.

He came to India in 2007 and has managed to carve out a career as a stand up, voice artist, theatre actor and a budding director. He made his Hindi film debut as one of the lead antagonists in the hit film, “Tiger Zinda Hai”.

Listen now to our episode with this renowned, multi-talented thespian for an inside look into the art and industry of filmmaking.

Sal’s Instagram: @salyusufin
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