Episode #83

Aryan Pasha

Not many people knew about transmen. And when you don't have a term for it you don't understand it | Aryan Pasha on his journey to becoming India’s first transgender bodybuilder.

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This week on The Mohua Show, we have Aryan Pasha.

I am Aryan Pasha and I identify as a trans man. Having done my schooling in Delhi, I recall going to school in a boys uniform and nobody knew that I am not a biological male.

I confided only my in skating coach. He kept it as our secret because I was his best athlete who represented the team and won medals at national level competitions.

My transition started at 18. I began to start to change my all documents before getting admission in college and got admission in Rizvi Law College. Mumbai. Very soon into the course, I realised LLB was not my career choice. But as a trans man, my choices were always very limited.

During my college days I met many transgender activists and they started involving me in conferences. I was among the very few transmen representatives.

2018 was my turning point as I became India’s first transgender bodybuilder competing in the mens category. I started my bodybuilding journey by winning second position in Muscle Mania Competition.

Today I am a member of The National Transgender Council ( Ministry Of Social Justice And Empowerment) and also The National Human Rights Commission’s core member of the LGBTQ group.

My life endeavour is to help the transgender community get skilled and training for employment.

Very recently along with Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, we started India’s first trans* led salon, La Beaute  & Style Unisex Salon to provide job opportunities for transgender people.

2020 I also led a team of 25 trans people on a mountaineering expedition and it was a life changing experience for all of them.

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