Episode #66

Ameeta Parsuram

‘No tolerance for women who know what they want’ | Ameeta Parsuram | Psychologist

About this Podcast:

In this episode, psychologist Ameeta Parsuram talks about how anger is a useful way to identify our inner voice.

Dr. Ameeta Parsuram has been teaching, training, therapy and conducting research for 35 plus years, in various areas of Psychology including Social Psychology, Counselling/Clinical Psychology, Gender Studies and Developmental Psychology. She has taught these courses and guided research projects at both, the undergraduate and post graduate levels.

She has published various empirical research papers and thematic articles in the national and international journals and magazines. She has also participated and made presentations in various national/International conferences and seminars.
She holds membership in various national/international Psychology Associations.

Instagram: @ameetaparsuram

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