Episode #188

Navigating CSR and Climate Change with Sangeeta Waldron

About this Podcast:

Join us for a captivating discussion with Sangeeta Waldron, an award-winning public relations expert and founder of Serendipity PR and Media, discussing the importance of authentic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in business.

Drawing from her experiences in India and the Himalayas, she emphasizes how integrating CSR strategies is vital for organizations to create a positive planetary impact. Post-pandemic workplace changes, employee well-being, and the role of social media in CSR are also explored. India’s significant role at COP26 and the contributions of brands like Dabur and Tata to social and environmental change are highlighted.

The dangers of greenwashing are examined, with Sangeeta advocating for transparency in CSR efforts. Additionally, she previews her upcoming book on climate change, stressing the disproportionate effects on women and the urgency for sustainable action.

00:00 – Introduction
03:01 – Sangeeta’s Journey towards Corporate Social Responsibility
05:13 – CSR: The Heart of Business and the Planetary Imperative
06:50 – The Universality of CSR and Addressing Global Issues Through Better Business Practices
08:21 – CSR: Aligning Purpose and Strategy for a Post-Pandemic World
12:05 – Empowering SMEs with Practical CSR Strategies
15:01 – Overcoming Western Bias: India’s Rise in CSR and Global Sustainability
19:27 – India’s Pioneering Brands and Unsung Heroes in CSR
21:59 – Authenticity and Transparency in CSR: Overcoming Greenwashing with Genuine Efforts
25:58 – Climate Change and Legacy
28:47 – Addressing Climate Denial and Empowering Women: Sangeeta Waldron’s Call to Action

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