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Episode #96

Kamalini Natesan

Motherhood is a haloed role of sacrifice | selflessness and being almost god-like. Were there times when you regretted being a mother?

About this Podcast:

This week on the Mohua Show we have Kamalini Natesan.

A writer and poet, Kamalini has authored a delightful book called ‘Naked Beneath the Midnight Sun.’ She is also a short story writer and her stories have been published in various online literary magazines.

Kamalini is a trained classical vocalist (Hindustani) and is also a French teacher. She is an avid reader and loves engaging with her readers for book reviews, poetry and Instagram posts.

She enjoys photographing and documenting her travels and sharing posts on her blogs. Easily moved by cinema and music, acting in theatres and movies was something she had desired as a profession, but gave it all up for motherhood.

In this episode, she delves into her journey as a mother over the years and how she gradually learned that kids were not an extension of her as a mother, but a different person in themselves.

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