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Episode #74

Yewande Adeleke

Millions suffer breast ironing but the world noticed only when a foreign author talked about it I Yewande Adeleke I Lawyer, Writer

About this Podcast:

A lawyer with over eight years of experience, Yewande is passionate about the rights of the vulnerable groups. She is especially interested in writing about injustice or discrimination against girls and women.

In this episode, the host, Mohua talks to Yewande about how African women all over the world suffer the brutality of a prevalent tradition called breast ironing. According to the United Nations, breast ironing affects 3.8 million women around the world and has been identified as one of the five under-reported crimes relating to gender-based violence.

Yewande talks about how this practice was started by mothers to ensure that no sign of poverty could be seen on their daughters, including breasts such that they could avoid the life they lived, of marriage, and household chores without any  freedom to choose.

Yewande writes frequently on popular writing platforms, including Medium, Bellanaija, Saharareporters and Dotcivics.

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Instagram: @wandeleke

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