Episode #49

Anurag Chauhan

'Menstrual hygiene story is changing but at a snail's pace' | Anurag Chauhan | Social Worker & Founder - Humans For Humanity

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Anurag Chauhan is a social worker and founder of Humans For Humanity ( @humansforhumanityofficial ), a non-governmental organization (NGO) headquartered in Dehradun, India. He is widely known for social work, particularly with regards to menstrual hygiene. The WASH project started by him has reached over 2.5 million women in over 6 states in last 6 years. He has been in the field of social work from a tender age of 14. During the pandemic he has been providing aid & essentials to over 8000 families in various parts of the country, supporting communities, low income group families, transmen, widows, maids, etc.

Instagram: @anuragchauhanofficial   @virtualliteraturefestival

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