Episode #95

Desmond Nazareth

Mahua has the potential of being the National Heritage Spirit of India | Desmond & Conrad on taking Indian liqueur and spirit to the world

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This week on The Mohua Show we have Desmond Nazareth and  Conrad Braganza.

Desmond Nazareth is the principal founder and MD of Agave India and Conrad Braganza is the blender, manager of sales and marketing in Goa and in-house mixologist/bartender for Agave India.

Agave India is India’s first and only rurally based ‘greenfield’ small batch ‘field-to-bottle’ and ‘forest-to-bottle’ craft distillery, which uses Indian know-how and raw materials. Their products are sold under the master brand name, ‘DesmondJi’, or ‘DJ’. Their most recent products, DJ Mahua spirit and DJ Mahua liqueur were released in Goa in June 2018. They are currently working on a plan to take their international quality Mahua products to the world.

In today’s episode Desmond and Conrad enlighten us about the socio-cultural importance of the Mahua flower in the tribal community and their plans on making the Mahua liqueur the National Heritage Spirit of India.

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