Episode #13

Antra Bhargava

Long term health care happens only when pricing is affordable | Antra Bhargava | CEO of SuVitas, Social Worker

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Antra Bhargava is the CEO of SuVitas, an innovative healthcare startup in India that works on bridging the gap between hospitals and home. The programs range from rehabilitation for post-stroke recovery and other neurological issues to pulmonary rehab for COVID recovery patients, mixing clinical expertise with loving, family-like caregiving.

Antra is a mother, a law graduate and chartered accountant, a poet, and an empath. All these identities are tied together by her purpose, which comes from her heart and guides everything she does: she wants to spark social change in India and build a safer and healthier future for the children in our country.

Tune in to today’s episode of the MoodyMo Awaaz Podcast to listen to Antra’s story and her wisdom on leadership and empathy. Click the link in our bio to listen now! 


Antra’s Instagram @antrabhargava
SuVitas Holistic Healthcare: @suvitasrehab

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