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Episode #88


Is there something called a perfect family? Single Dad | Prabhu on choosing Fatherhood

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This week on The Mohua Show, we have Prabhu.

Prabhu is among the odd men who are proud to be a “mamma’s boy” even at the age of 49. He reminisces her and her influence on his life. He candidly speaks about the void his father’s loss left within him.

He thinks that the mother in him was with him since birth because his parents were hoping he would be born a daughter, after the loss of a daughter in their lives.

This memory gnawed in his heart and at the age of 43, he adopted his son Aarav.

In this episode Prabhu bares his heart as he tells us about the joys of raising Aarav. The challenges of being a single father, in a society where motherhood is exalted and fathers remain in the shadows.

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