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Episode #29

Geetaa Paul

Is Botox as normal as a facial for men & women? | Geetaa Paul | Founder - Sculpt & Entrepreneur

About this Podcast:

Geetaa Paul is the founder of Sculpt By Geetaa Paul. She is an entrepreneur, single mother, a brave heart with a mission to help people overcome their insecurities with the multiple choices of beauty products in the market.

She believes that beauty is from within and in her aesthetic centre in Bangalore, apart from the regular beauty therapies she also does Botox, Fillers, Weight Management Programmes that helps her customers choose the right products to enhance their personality. Being well groomed is an unbiased gender indulgence and Geetaa has her hands full with new products and advice for all her customers who seek her customised therapies.

Join us on this weeks episode of MoodyMo Awaaz Podcast to listen to Geetaa’s story.

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